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My name is Lydia Cutrer and I’m a real estate agent with Delisha Boyd, LLC. I earned my MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and my BBA from Temple University.

I’ve worked in real estate and finance for over 18 years at firms such as JPMorgan Chase and PNC Financial Services. Financing over $5 billion in assets such as REITs, opportunity funds, single-family and multifamily housing and mixed-use facilities, I understand what it takes to structure transactions. I know how to improve a property’s performance and profits through managing a 1.5 million sf commercial real estate investment portfolio.

I’m a native of New Orleans who is committed to the economic development of our region and the economic empowerment of our citizens. From first-time homebuyer programs to incentives for investors to loans for small businesses, I connect people to opportunities.


“Taking a Strategic Approach for Successful Transactions.”

When I decided to expand my real estate sales and consulting business into “The O.W.N. Life”, I thought about how best I could serve individuals who wanted to build wealth. What are the barriers, perceived or real, that might limit us from owning real estate or businesses? How could I help others build more confidence to achieve their goals of ownership and control of their financial futures? What are the daily investments we can take to develop our visions of financial abundance and leave a legacy?



“Connecting Buyers and Sellers to Opportunities.”

I was blessed to be born into a loving family with many examples of belief and perseverance. My grandfather, great-aunt, and great cousin were property owners and landlords. Though it wasn’t a topic of conversation that I remember from my youth, reflecting on their lives and achievements taught me the importance of diversifying income, saving and protecting assets, giving generously, and living fully.

In 2015, my own faith and determination were tested. My late cousin’s property had achieved the unfortunate trifecta of a code enforcement lien, a tax title lien, and an unopened succession. Through the support of family & friends and strategies of clearing title, identifying financing options, and working with a quality construction team, I was able to acquire and preserve a classic New Orleans home that had been in my family since 1953.

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